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The Lifestyle of People with Extreme
Longevity and Good Quality of Life:
According to Rowe & Kahn, authors of "Successful Aging," genetics only account for 30 percent of one's ability to achieve longevity. The other 70% is our lifestyle.

Several civilizations are known for their long life spans. One such group or tribe is called the Hunzacuts. G. T. Wrench, a medical doctor from England, details his observations in this free 98-page documentary regarding his life with the Hunzas.

"The Hunzas are a group of about 42,000 people living in Hunzacut, a country just north of India. They live to be 120-140 years old with no genetic or chronic diseases, no medications, no doctors, have children with very little or no pain or complications, are very happy, and have sex frequently at and after 120 years of age. Now that's what I call good health." (Stephen Barrett, M.D.)

The diet of the Hunzas contains little, or no, animal products. Consuming animal-based foods accelerates the buildup of metabolic byproducts (cellular waste) which accumulates in and around our cells, thus shortening life. In addition to extending cell life, avoidance of animal-based foods would cause heart disease to cease being the number one killer and cancer to cease being the number two killer of the Western World as well as a host of other health problems described below.

The traditional Hunza diet consists of unprocessed whole foods rich in fiber, enzymes, and other nutrients. 40% calories from whole grains, 30% calories from vegetables, 15% from fruits, 10% beans, 4% nuts/seeds, between 0% and 1% from animal products. The Hunzas ate 80% of their vegetables and 100% of their fruit raw. They consumed 10-15% of total calories from fat. Obesity was nonexistent. Other conditions produced by the Western diet which are rare or unknown to the Hunazs are: cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, gout, kidney stones and kidney diseases, arthritis, colon diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the list goes on.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, exercise was a natural part of day to day life in Hunzacut as a result of a simple lifestyle without modern conveniences, gadgetry, or TV.

Science and technology are currently at a point where the capability exists to develop methods to reverse the aging process, according to biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey. However, 70% of our own longevity is currently in the hands of each individual and how we choose to live and eat.